Keep All Your Marbles


It’s been a tough year and I needed some rest.
All of you helped me;  the true friendship test.
I wanted to send you something quite grand
but these small treasures are made just from sand.

Children can shoot them and roll them for play.
Artists may sculpt them and sell for display.
But there is a saying,  not at all profound …
“Still got all your marbles??  Laughs all around.

“Have you lost all your marbles?” we ask as a joke,
But sadder words have never been spoke
When someone you love forgets your first name
And you know  that your life will not be the same.

Our “marbles” are gifts.  We hope to keep most.
But “marbles” are fickle and can leave their host.
They have a bad habit of rolling away
When you’re not looking, they seem to stray

And as we get older, the fewer we use
Then some of the best ones we start to lose.
We need to keep the ones we’ve got
In a bag, or a vase, or a very small pot.

Take care of these marbles that I’ve sent along
Be happy – be healthy – love wisely – live long.
Please know that I thank you for being my friend.
And I’ll pray that YOUR “marbles”  stay ‘til the end.

-Penny Donnelly (copyright October 2015)